Customized Machine Translation Systems in Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office uses the Microsoft Translator automatic translation service to translate text within Microsoft Office from one language to another language. Users of Microsoft Translator can optimize it to translate documents of a certain style and terminology better than the generic, un-optimized version of Microsoft Translator would do.

Microsoft Translator Hub

The Microsoft Translator Hub empowers businesses and communities to build, improve, and deploy customized automatic language translation systems - bringing better and specialized translation quality to enterprises, language service providers, communities and individuals.

Microsoft Translator Hub is an extension of the Microsoft Translator service. You can build a superior translation system easily, within a private website, by combining your previously translated documents or translation memory with the power of Microsoft Translator’s big data back end. Once you are satisfied with the quality of your customized translation system, you may use it, and optionally share it with others. The “category” describes the terminology and style the customized machine translation system is optimized for. Each of those customized translation systems implements a category.

What is a category identifier?

The category identifier is the key to connecting Microsoft Office, or any other application using Microsoft Translator, with a customized machine translation system. In Microsoft Office you can leave the category field blank – in that case you will use a generic version of Microsoft Translator, one that has not optimized for a certain terminology and style.

How do I get a category identifier?

Your organization’s translation department may have customized an MT system for you, and can provide you with the category identifier to enter into the “Hub Category” field. If you suspect that to be the case, please inquire with your organization’s translation department.

If you are working with a language service provider, your language service provider may provide you with a category value to use.

If none of the above applies to you, and you have a substantial corpus of previously translated material, or a translation memory, you may want to create a customized system yourself. Simply visit the Microsoft Translator Hub, upload your documents, and start training your own system. You can train systems at no cost, and there is no limit to how much you can translate from within Office, at no additional cost.

How to Find the Category for a Translation System in Microsoft Translator Hub

  1. Click Projects tab.
  2. From the Projects list, select the Project for which the translation system has been deployed and select the translation system with status as "Deployed".
  3. Go to the Test system page. The Category parameter can be found as shown below.
    Test system page.

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